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Hand-made wooden dog bowl stand collections

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3 bowl dog feeder

This is our most popular farmhouse dog bowl stand for a reason. Our 3 bowl dog feeder design combines two eating spaces into one, which provides great value. Our wooden dog bowl stand design is also slip resistant. It's perfect for large dogs and medium dogs that like to have dinner time together and share a water bowl.

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Classic two bowl

Elevated wooden dog bowl

Our classic elevated wooden dog bowl design is a good fit for single dog who likes their own eating space. It's also good for multiple dogs who like their own territory.

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Most durable

Metal dog bowl stand

Our metal dog bowl stand design works well for large dogs that tend to be rough on their toys and bowls. The outer support design allows for storage space under the stand. The sturdiness of the metal frame will put plastic frame competitors to shame.

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All elevated pet feeders & more

Not sure what you're looking for? See what all of our elevated pet feeders & other products have to offer for your needs.

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We guarantee that

Our elevated pet feeders are

  • Designed by experts

    Our elevated pet feeders are made by dog lovers. Our classic farmhouse dog bowl style fits with any decor, and stays functional at the same time

  • Hand-crafted

    We use long lasting, quality wood, and trusted stain to prevent water damage. We specially craft our pet feeders for large dogs and medium dogs alike

  • With purpose

    Our pet feeders support health and functionality along with our no spill water bowl design. Your best friend deserves the best eating experience

Frequently asked

Do elevated dog bowls help with digestion?

Yes, Absolutely!

Eating food from elevated dog bowls provides easier access to both food and water. This helps create movement of food when traveling from the mouth to the stomach. As a result, the dog is less likely to forcibly swallow the food before they're ready to.

And the benefits don't stop there. Our wooden dog bowl stands have many more benefits that most people don't know about.

Want a more in depth look at our top 5 benefits of elevated dog bowls? Learn more here.

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