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Keep your dogs busy

How to Keep Your Dogs Busy?

Keeping our dogs busy while adjusting to the “new normal” of working from home can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, we can give them a bully stick from Jack & Pup if we have to join a Zoom meeting or jump on an important call.

Bully Sticks

There is a ton of variety within the Jack & Pup line including:

• Bully Sticks
• Bones
• Filled Bones
• Pig Ears
• Other treats like stuffed hooves

The great thing about this line is that our dogs love absolutely everything (my dogs can get particular :) ) and they last a long time, so they are kept busy for a while!

Other benefits include easy digestion and they are good for dental health. Be sure to check out everything in the line.

Healthy Pet

Check them out here:

Premium Grade Odor-Free Bully Sticks

Thick Bully Sticks

Dogs are social animals that require regular exercise and mental stimulation. When they are left idle, they may develop behavioral problems such as excessive barking or chewing. Therefore, it's essential to keep your dogs busy and mentally stimulated in your absence.

Providing your dogs with interactive toys can keep them entertained for hours. Puzzle toys, for instance, dispense treats as dogs figure out how to solve them. This not only keeps your dogs busy, but it also challenges their minds and sharpens their problem-solving skills.

Frequent walks and play sessions are also crucial for keeping your dogs busy. In addition, to physical exercise, these activities provide opportunities for your dogs to interact with other dogs and with their environment, providing them with much-needed mental stimulation. Training sessions are also a great way to keep your dogs busy while strengthening the bond between you.

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