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Petals & Tails: CBD Products for Dogs & Cats

Understanding the Benefits of CBD for Dogs and Cats

Recently, we discovered Petals and Tails and we love their product line! We ordered the shampoo and it smelled great. As you have probably seen, we have a Great Dane and she has some skin issues and skin sensitivity. This shampoo really seemed to calm her skin!

Additionally, we ordered some treats and balm for our girls. I really loved that the ingredients are all natural and that we are supporting a small business, too! ❤️️❤️️

CBD for pets

Below is the link to their website! Be sure to use the code bwessentials15 at checkout for 15% off!!

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CBD for dogs and cats isn't just a trendy statement; it's a commitment by Petals & Tails to improve the well-being of our beloved pets. We believe that every pet deserves a happy, healthy life. This belief fuels our passion to provide top-quality CBD products specially crafted for our furry friends.

As dog and cat owners, we've seen firsthand the benefits of CBD. The holistic health improvements include reduced anxiety, better sleep quality, and improved digestive health. Besides these benefits, CBD is known to support joint health, which can become particularly important for older dogs and cats.

Every product by Petals & Tails is designed with your pets in mind. We go the extra mile to ensure our CBD products deliver the promised health benefits. As pet owners ourselves, we wouldn't offer anything less than we'd give to our own pets. Our commitment to quality drives us to offer only the best CBD products for dogs and cats.

In conclusion, CBD offers significant benefits for our furry companions. The CBD oil for dogs and cats from Petals & Tails can support their overall health and keep them happy and active. So why wait? Allow your pets to experience the difference today.

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