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Yay for SmartBones Treats!!

We are always looking for new treats or bones for our pack. Health and safety (and cost…with three!) are always factors that we take into consideration. Eating the same food from day to day would have to get boring, so we try to offer some variety in the form of treats or bones.

Chicken Dog Treats

We have tried a lot of treats and bones. A lot of them can get very messy or the girls get bored with them eventually. That’s why we really like all the bones from the SmartBones line. They have a great variety including:

• Classic Chews
• Care Chews
• Flavorful Chews
• Specialty Chews

Their line offers a healthier alternative to rawhides and they are easily digestible. One other perk is that they are a cost effective solution for treats/bones! Be sure to check out everything in their line. Links to a couple of them are below!


SmartBones Mini Chicken-Wrapped Sticks

SmartBones Mini Rawhide-Free Peanut Butter

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