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Your Solution for Plus Size Pooch Apparel

Anyone who knows me can attest, if there are things I LOVE it's dogs and supporting small businesses.
In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that supporting small businesses fuel peoples' dreams, but it's so much more than that. Small business owners are often very passionate about not only their work, but also giving back to the community. For that reason, I want to shed some light on a small business named The Plus Size Pooch, that I recently came across.
Dog Apparel
We recently ordered from them and the stitching on the bandana we ordered was very neatly done. They shipped the order to us immediately, as well. But, one of the reasons I was compelled to order is their story and their mission. I have outlined some reasons why I just love this company and what they stand for.
First, starting last November, they started donating a bag of dog food per month to a rescue organization along with a set of bandanas to help dogs get adopted more easily. On their website, it says that their bandanas can help make the dog more approachable. Very true and totally genius.
The Plus Size Pooch
Secondly, they understand that not all dogs can fit into the same sizes as some of them are larger. I can definitely relate to this as we have a Great Dane at home. She has long legs and some of her jackets will rub against the skin because they don't fit properly. It can be very tough to find things that fit and especially for dogs who are large or mixed breeds.
Next, there is an obvious dedication to the pit breed. Pits have gotten a bad reputation over the years and many people forget that they (and any dog) will react to situations based on their previous experiences and lack of training.
The icing on the cake...The Plus Size Pooch saves material scraps over the course of each year to make a blanket to donate to a rescue organization. This company not only sells a quality product, they give back to the community in a variety of ways (often times allowing followers to vote on an organization where the donations should go), and strives to be environmentally friendly by reusing material scraps to help make a homeless dog more comfortable while waiting for their furever home.
I would encourage you to check them out here! They are an amazing company to get behind!
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